We have received the review report of the building. Related to PIf2, there’s a technical advice:
“The form indicates that the project site is previously developed, but based on aerial images of the site, it is not clear that the site was previously developed (in aerial images you can see roads, parking and urban infrastructure). Provide a narrative response to clarify if the site meets the LEED definition of previously developed or Greenfield. Refer to the LEED BD+C v2009 Reference Guide.”

Previously developed areas are those that previously contained buildings, roadways, parking lots or were graded or altered by direct human activities.
Greenfield sites: are those that are not previously developed or graded and remain in a natural state

Our plot previously contains roadways, parking lots and were graded or altered by direct human activities but it doesn’t contain any building (before the construction of our building, which finishes in 2015).

There was a developed project carried out, which concluded in 2007. This Developed Project transforms a greenfield in a Technological Park which has roads, parking lots, and lots with all the urban infrastructure. Our site is in this Technological Park. We had to ask for a regulatory permit in order to can build our building.

Does anybody can tell me if this site it can be consider previously developed? Is it necessary that there have been an old construction in our site?
Thank you