Hi all,
We have received our Final Design Review and the credit has been denied. Now we want to appeal for the credit as the client is willing to provide Low Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicles. The LEED review we received is as follows:
"The additional documentation indicates that preferred parking spaces for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles for 5% of the total
parking capacity. However, the locations of the designated spaces do not appear to meet the LEED definition of preferred, as required. It
appears that there are 13 spaces located on the ground level that are more preferred than the spaces located in the parking garage.
Note that preferred spaces are those spaces located closest to the main entrance of the project (exclusive of spaces designed for
handicapped). Additionally, note that according to LEED Interpretation 10202, preferred parking spaces in a garage are those that are
the shortest combined driving distance from the parking garage entrance and walking distance to the project building's main
entrance(s). Therefore, it appears that the spaces within the parking garage located on the First Basement floor are more preferrable
than the designated spaces on the Second Basement floor. The documentation does not demonstrate compliance."
We had actually distributed the preferred parking in 3 basements and on ground floor. We have a total of 320 parking slots out of which 16 slots are on ground floor and the remaining are in basement 1, basement 2 and basement 3. Now I want to understand as per the LEED Interpretation 10202 should we allocate 13 slots on the ground floor as preferred parking? Because 3 of the 16 slots are handicapped parking. So we provide 13 slots on ground floor and 3 slots on basement 1 to make it a total of 16 slots which is 5% of the total parking slots? Is this the correct approach? I don't want to apply for appeal and get rejected again because of not understanding the real approach.