We are pursuing Credit IEQc4.1 in LEED NC v2009 for low emitting adhesives and sealants. We are looking to use a powder based waterproofing product for our concrete and fuel tanks (indoors, unoccupied areas like basement, mechanical rooms etc) . The issue is, the application involves using it in liquid form (like a paste) after mixing with water only. The manufacturer insists it has no VOCs ( which if applied in powder form, would be irrelevant as it is exempt from credit requirements anyway) however he also insists that when mixed with water and applied as a sealant in liquid/ adhesive like form which is how it will actually be applied on site, it will still emit no VOCs. Manufacturer has not provided any data (lab tests etc) to support this statement. My question is this : first , do powders mixed with water on site used for waterproofing (would be considered a sealant) still have to conform to credit requirements ? Or are they exempt ? Thank you.