Our CxA is stuck on points of compliance with local regulations. The design team does not seem to be able to provide satisfactory evidence that the project complies with certain construction related codes. In the end we are all assuming the project is approved by the authorities, but in case the CxA is not satisfied with the documentation that the design team or client provides for local code compliance, will that cause an issue for passing this LEED prerequisite?

To put it more simply, if the Cx report says, "the project team has not been able to demonstrate compliance with regulation XYZ of Vietnam", will that cause a problem for the LEED Certification?

I can give 2 examples to describe how this situation has arisen:

1. There is a Building Energy Efficiency Code (BEEC) in Vietnam, but practically it is not enforced. Therefore the designer has not provided documentation of BEEC compliance and it is not clear whether the building complies or not. Of course the building still needs to follow ASHRAE 90.1 Mandatory requirements and demonstrate this for EAp2. But will there be a problem with LEED Certification if the Cx process highlights potential non-compliance with a local regulation?

2. Taking this point further, what if the Cx points out that the manufacturer's data for the AC system does not provide the COP according to the AHRI test procedure noted in ASHRAE 90.1 table 6.1.8A. In fact we cannot find equivalent equipment in Vietnam following the AHRI test procedure. Does the Cx highlighting an issue with ASHRAE 90.1 Mandatory reqs such as this mean the project's LEED Certification could be denied?