I am working for this project - a small one-floor office building, which has a 14 m2 server room. The project for the server room has not been developed yet - there will be a specific project for this, and the Facilities Design Engineer does not have a clue on how to make a rough estimate for IT equipment. I have searched for some values in both LEED v2009 and v4, as there are for default plug loads - that shall be used in the case of tenant spaces, but there are no. And I did not find anything in both ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals, Chapter Nonresidental Cool. and Heat. Load Calculations and in 90.1-2007 either. I understand that plug loads shall be modeled as designed, but... is there any reference I might use at an early design stage? There is this white paper from LBNL called "Energy Efficiency in Small Server Rooms: Field Surveys and Findings", available at http://aceee.org/files/proceedings/2014/data/papers/9-109.pdf... They have assessed some server rooms and from Tables 2 and 3 I found this range: from 142 W/m2 to 1,076 W/m2. Since the FTE of the building is about 55, I imagine a single rack of 1,5 kW would be sufficient. That gives near 100 W/m2. According to another white paper, this one from American Power Conversion, available at http://www.apcdistributors.com/white-papers/Cooling/WP-120%20Guidelines%..., "a typical data center today has a density rating of 1.5 kW per rack". Would anyone give me a tip on this?
Thank you.