We recive the following review comment in a pre certification on one of our CS projects. Dose somebody has any experience with this situation and can post a solution how we can clear sign the LEED building?

The LEED Project Information Form has been submitted stating that the project will comply with all Minimum Program Requirements.
The project will have permanently-installed energy meter(s) that account for all sources of energy delivered by an external provider, as
well as permanently-installed water meter(s) or a collection of water meters that measure the total potable water use for the entire
project and associated grounds. The project will comply with MPR 6: Must Commit to Sharing Whole-Building Energy and Water Usage
Data, via Option 1: Third Party Data Source.

However, it is unclear whether the LEED-CS project boundary complies with MPR 2: Must Be a Complete, Permanent Building or Space. It appears that the project building 1 is horizontally attached to another building 2 that will not be pursuing LEED Certification. Note that when LEED projects are horizontally attached to non-LEED buildings, specific measures must be taken to clearly distinguish the LEED-CS certified building from any other building/levels that it is attached to; the project must be given a separate name (including verbiage that indicates a physical difference), and proper signage must be installed to accurately communicate the boundary between the certified and non-certified spaces to the building users. Note that the name given to the
certifying building must be used consistently for all purposes, including the title of the LEED-CS project, as registered with USGBC/GBCI, in formal publications, internal and external property listings, databases, signage, etc. Alternatively, if the LEED Certification of the building is confidential, the project team may opt to not communicate the achievement of LEED Certification. In this situation, no signage, marketing, or publicity of any kind would announce the LEED certification.