Our project is registered as a single LEED NC 2009 building located on a previously developed site abutting an existing LEED certified and non LEED certified building site at the North boundary of the site, and open area for future development to the South and West. Our client owns all land and buildings on the site.

A conceptual Site Master Plan aligned with local zoning requirements was developed to guide future growth.  Site sanitary sewer, stormwater, roadways, parking, electrical, and telecommunications infrastructure are designed to accommodate future development. 

There are two areas where we seek clarification per PI Form 1, Item 3, Must Use a Reasonable Site Boundary, 4 - No given parcel of real property within the LEED project boundary has ever been or ever will be attributed to another LEED project building.

  1. The existing LEED project site and the new LEED project site boundaries by necessity overlap because the parking area fronting the existing LEED building needed to be demolished to accommodate a landscaped common area between the existing and new LEED buildings.  What is the protocol for an unavoidable overlap condition?  We consider this an extenuating circumstance, but there is very little information to go by in the CIRs, etc.
  2. The Master Plan contemplates construction of future LEED certified buildings.  Because of this, we are considering two possible LEED project boundaries:
    1. Include all land developed for the new project and present LEED credits SS p1, SS c5.1, SS c5.2, SS c6.1, SS c6.2, and SS c7.1 using the Master Plan projected building and hardscape areas.  Our concern is that according to MPR 3, section 4, future development areas would be ineligible for use for future LEED projects under this option. We would include the new shared surface parking area serving all facilities, and identify the parking spaces and HOV/LEV spaces assigned to the new LEED building.
    2. Assign a LEED project boundary that includes the new building, the accessory dedicated Physical Plant building, and surface parking area developed for existing buildings and the new FMT building.  Affected site credits would reflect the FMT site boundary only. SS p1 NPDES scope included all developed site area. The remaining developed site area along with the FMT project would be assigned to future projects.