Is there a possibility that photocatalytic surfaces will give LEED points?

I my search for specific information about how many LEED Points use of photocatalytic surfaces will potentially give, I have found three sources on google who state that it will give some points. 

One source states that: 

"Indeed in LEED, points are awarded for use fo photocatalytic cements will obtain a variety of credit points in the “New Construction and Major Renovation” Categories LEED rating system, promoted by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)."

Another source states that: 

"The level of photoactivity...abates the organic and inorganic substances (such as particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and volatile organic compounds) responsible for air pollution. ...This would likely qualify for at least one point."

And a third source says: 

Innovation credit points may be awarded for innovation and performance above and beyond LEED requirements. 

Potential innovation credits include:

• New technologies (pervious pavers, self-cleaning photocatalytic concrete)


So above three sources indicate that it should be possible to obtain LEED points with the photocatalytic technology for New Constructions and Major Renovations under the category "Innovation". 

In order to have more specific information on this, I would like ask here, if photocatalytic air cleaning surfaces can be expect to to get LEED points.

Thanks in advance.