According to (Capparella, 2013) the average values ​​of pharmaceutical industry energy spending can be estimated at 4391 kWh / m² per year, and in his article he justifies how the determination of this average consumption value was made. Since in Brazil we do not have any estimated average consumption data per square meter, we would like to ask if we could use this data to compare with the performance of the industry that is applying for LEED v4 EB + OM certification here.

It is important to note that it is not eligible for the energy star rating, it does not have previous consumption figures (because it is a new building) and we do not have access to data from three other industries of similar actuation.

Sayed that, we would like to know if we should use the main building gross floor area or the total constructed area?

Grateful for the attention,

Gustavo Fialho Pinto