My building is aiming to be LEED EBOM Silver and received a preliminary audit from PG&E in 2011 which resulted in a score of 80 in Energy Star Portfolio (or 9 LEED points). My building now wants to undergo some energy retrofits by August 2014 to achieve a score of 85 (13 points).

The performance period requires 12 months of tracking, but we want our performance period to end by November 30, 2014. So we were expecting to use 9 months of old data (Nov 2013 – July 2014) and 4 months of new data (Aug 2014 – Nov 2014).

My question is, will the energy efficiency from the new retrofits beginning Aug 2014 be reflected in our Energy Star Portfolio and thus LEED score? Will this be “prorated” on a monthly basis or somehow incorporated? Or will our EAc1 score be a maximum of 9 LEED points only, unless if we change the performance period?