We have a project that is required by convenants to put irrigation on the front and side of the building that faces the street, but not the rest. So, of course, we will only be installing irrigation only in those areas. The landscape plan includes a native species grass mix for some of the site and mixed trees/shrubs/groundcover for the rest of the site. My question is about how to fill out the calculation tables. I think it makes sense to put all of the landscaping (irrigated and non-irrigated) in both the baseline case and design case. For the baseline case, we would show the whole site being irrigated and for the design case, we would show the decision to eliminate the irrigation on certain portions of the site. The landscape designer/installer disagrees. He said that based on his experience with another project, we should only be including the areas to be irrigated in both the baseline and design case. This doesn't seem right to me being that all of the landscaped areas (irrigated or not) are within the LEED project boundary. So, who's right? Any ideas?