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The project has propsoed one of the ECM of VFD with CO sensor in the parking garage.Kindly confirm, project team can use the exceptional calculation as per the advanced energy modeling guide below mentioned .

Energy Efficiency Measure
The exhaust system for the proposed building’s parking garage is controlled by carbon monoxide sensors located
throughout the garage and modulated by a variable frequency drive. The fans run only to maintain the level of carbon
monoxide in the space below 50 ppm and thus are turned down when fewer cars are running.
Baseline Energy
The baseline schedule runs 100% during occupied hours.
Proposed Case Energy
The schedule for the proposed case garage exhaust fans during occupied hours is modified to reflect the fewer number
of vehicles. The proposed schedule turns down during early, midday, and late hours of operation to a minimum of 20%
operating power.
Savings were determined in an exceptional calculation method using eQUEST. The savings from this measure amounted
to $7,719 and 158,728 kWh.