Hi Markus,
Following our correspondence as of Jul/13/2017, we've modeled the garage ventilation claiming some energy savings.
We've provided explanation reflecting all details including all considerations related to CIR 10371.
The reviewer's reply however is stating (quoted):
"…parking garage spaces must include a minimum of 0.75 cfm/ft2 of ventilation/exhaust air flow… Provide documentation to verify that the minimum exhaust rates outlines in Table 6-4 are reflected for the parking garage spaces in the actual design"
CIR 10371 is stating that the Proposed case shall reflect the actual design….
Our impression is that the reviewer probably didn't allocate our explanation among the numerous attachments (the project is very big though).
Our explanation was like this (quoted):
"While modeling the Garage ventilation, the following considerations were taken, including those of CIR 10371.
1. Proposed case
1.1. Proposed case is reflecting the actual design, which is in accordance to the local norms
1.2. Proposed case is provided with control ventilation strategies, capable to automatically detect contamination levels of concern on parking garages - CO in this case. Below, an extract from the project documentation is illustrating these intentions.
1.3. The exact location of these CO sensors will be provided in the construction documentation and their proper functioning will be verified during the Commissioning procedure.
1.4. Proposed case is modeled such that a minimum air flow of 0.05 cfm/square foot is maintained.
1.5. Propose case is not claiming energy savings more than 75%.
2. Baseline case
2.1. The Baseline case fan volume is set to comply to the minimum required ASHRAE 62.1 parking ventilation rates of 0.75 cfm/square foot.
2.2. Baseline system fan power is calculated at 0.3 watts per cfm.
2.3. Baseline ventilation is arranged with DCV control and it operates upon schedule which is reflecting a typical behavior of such control.
3. Extracts from the project design concept related to Garage ventilation
Car park ventilation systems
During the winter and transitional period within the daytime the system is working with heating coils, which is activated upon zone's temperature settings. During the summer time this coil is off.
The ventilation system is not functioning during the night, weekends and holidays.
Control of the degree of air pollution in the parking lot
In the compartments of the parking lot, the CO sensors monitor the degree of air pollution from the exhaust gases. When a pollution level of 20 mg / m3 is established in some compartment, any of the CO sensors in this compartment will send a signal to the BAS and the exhaust fan servicing the compartment (if it was turned off) is turned on. Disconnection of this exhaust fan is carried out with a decrease in CO concentration below 20 mg / m3.
Could you please take a look and advice - is it something wrong there, should we do some rewording and to upload it within the reply.
Thanks a lot for your support.