The Project Team needs some clarifications about parking garage ventilation. We have three different questions, not linked to each other.

  1. Is it possible to use natural ventilation instead of mechanical exhaust ventilation (ref. table 6-4, ASHRAE 62.1:2010) to satisfy the Minimum Indoor Air Quality Prerequisite? If it is possible, how can we demonstrate compliace?
  2. Some parking slots are placed at the ground floor of a building with a pilotis structure. The Project Team has not decided yet about delimiting or not the parking area (for example with permanently open openings on walls, i.e. perimetral garage louvers, or walls on one ore more side, etc.). In such a case, shall we always comply with mechanical exhaust ventilation requirements of table 6-4 (ASHRAE 62.1:2010) to satisfy the Minimum Indoor Air Quality Prerequisite?  
  3. Is there any definition of "open garage" or similar that doesn't imply compliance with table 6-4 of ASHRAE 62.1 requirements?

Thanks for your attention,