One of my LEED v4 ID+C project getting below comments from LEED reviewer for Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance Calculator (Project having AHU with VAV Boxes).

LEED Reviewer Comment:

Option 1: ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010
1. For all the project spaces, the Ventilation Rate Procedure (VRP) calculation has been performed with values
for Zone Primary Air Fraction (Ep), however, the mechanical floor plan and schedules provided within Project
Information indicate that project spaces are served by VAV boxes (without secondary recirculation).
Therefore, for the project spaces, the Ep must not be considered in the VRP calculation.
Provide a narrative and update the VRP calcul ation as required. Additionally, note that in the Minimum IAQ
Performance Calculator, the zone discharge air flow (Vdz) and zone primary air flow (Vpz) for VAV boxes
without secondary recirculation are the same, and equal to the minimum airflow for the VAV box at the worst
case conditions. Ensure that all the parameters reported in the VRP calculation are actual and consistent with
the supporting documentation.

My Ques: We revise the Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance Calculator as per below

Zone Discharge Airflow (Vdz), 

Zone primary Airflow (Vpz) are same,

Zone Secondary Recirculation Fraction (Er) is 0 and Zone Primary Air Fraction (Ep) is 1 

Is correct ? or Please Share other ways guys.