My building has a fan coil unit to serve four-storey living quarters and the ventilation is met by a DOAS. 90.1 Appendix G calls for the outdoor air to match the proposed case. The part where I am not clear is that, while modeling in Trace700, there is an optional ventilation fan dedicated to handle the ventilation. How do I account for this fan energy in the MEPC and in the Baseline Energy model?

My outdoor air in proposed and baseline case is 18,170 cfm.

Supply air is 40,791 cfm and Return is 46,543 cfm from Trace700 System Checksums.

It does not make sense to ignore this ventilation fan energy as it is a significant portion of energy. The MEPC 'Allowable fan power' is based on the Supply CFM which you enter in the Air-side HVAC. As I understand it, the System Fan Power in the MEPC (Supply Fan Power + Return or relief fan power+Exhaust fan power) should match the Allowable fan power, correct?

It also seems unrealistic that MEPC reports an Allowable fan power of 12.2 kW for my system. What am I missing here?