Option 4 requires calculating impacts for both the Baseline Building and the Proposed Building in the following 6 categories:


1. Global Warming Potential GHG:                        CO2e

2. Stratospheric Ozone Depletion:                         kg CFC-11

3. Acidification of Land and Water:                       moles H                kg SO2

4. Eutrophication                                                  kg N                     kg PO4

5. Troposphoric Ozone Formation                          kg NOx                 kg C2H4

6. Depletion of non-renewable energy resources    MJ

Is ATHENA the appropriate LCA tool to produce results for the above 6 categories? Or should I be using another LCA tool?

Which LCA tool would you recommend for the Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment based upon the above 6 categories?

Richard A.