I apologize if the requested information is included on this site but I have not seen it to this point. Can anyone give me a definition of what constitutes a stream channel? We are looking at a 5.0 acres site that is unimproved and the proposed development will create an imperviousness area of approximately 4.0 - 4.5 acres of the total 5.0 acres. With this in mind there does not appear a way that Option 1: Quantity can be met without creating a large wet pond on the site to accommodate the tremendous increase in storm water that will be generated from this site. Detaining for the peak discharge is not a problem but the total volume is the issue with Option 1 for this site. The proposed site has a concrete lined drainage ditch running the entire length of the property that the site currently sheet drains to. This ditch eventually routes to an existing detention pond before discharging to the outfall stream. We will maintain all existing drainage patterns on the proposed site. If we are wanting to achieve Option 2 are we to implement the stream protection plan on our site even though technically the stream it will be discharged to is not on our site? If we slow the water down with some design techniques, swales, rain gardens, rip rap, etc. will this be sufficient to achieve the point for this credit?