We are pursuing for LEED v4 certification for an office space under CI category. The office space consists of 2 floors and have approximately a total gross floor area of 5.000 squaremeter (~54.000 squarefeet). (Whole building would approximately have a gross floor area of 50.000 square meter  - 540.000 square feet) It is rather a small project with small budget and straightforward design. All design and construction is going to be finished within 4-5 months because all base building systems are in place and there's not too many options to use other HVAC systems than the base building allows. The problem is we know little about the whole building and its physical properties. Specific details regarding the envelope, fenestration assembly, lighting systems of the rest of the base building are not very much available allowing a whole energy building study. (Plus, there's no budget for energy modeling and simulation works.) My question is very straight forward. Can we go ahead with Option 2 - Prescriptive Compliance for this office space?