The credit language for this Option says "provide a separate control zone for each solar exposure and interior space."

The proposed design is pretty typical VAV. Groups of private offices are served by a VAV box, with one of the offices having a thermostat. Exterior offices which are grouped share the same solar exposure. Interior offices are zoned in groups of 4.

We received a review comment which says:

  1. Interior private offices (such as Office 1032) do not appear to have individual thermal  controls.

Provide documentation to demonstrate that all interior private offices have been provided with a separate thermal control. Refer to the LEED ID+C v4 Reference Guide, Further Explanation Section for additional guidance regarding specialty occupancy spaces and the controls  requirement.

In reviewing the "Further Explanation Section" it says "Interior Private offices or interior non-densely occupied specialty use spaces. A separate thermal control for each space is sufficient.." 

Must I provide a thermal control for each private office to achieve this credit?

The credit requirements seem to say a zone for the entire interior is sufficient, but the Further Explanation Section uses the term "space", suggesting a room by room control. Providing a Thermostat in each interior office would be quite extraordinary.