Option 2 states: "Construct or renovate a building or a space within a building such that the building’s main entrance is within a ½-mile (800-meter) walking distance of the main entrance of four to seven (1 point) or eight or more (2 points) existing and publicly available diverse uses (listed in Appendix 1)." However, we've had a couple of issues pop up.

Within our 1/2-mile distance, we have multiple commercial offices with over 100 FTE's. The only concern is that these offices are part of a larger campus with areas that are off-limits to the public. These offices are located within these areas and if someone from the public wants to visit these, they require a guest badge from a different building located on the far side of the campus outside of our 1/2-mile distance.

The campus and offices entrances are located within the 1/2-mile range, as well. Would we be able to count this as a diverse use? Thanks!