Hi all,

I am seeking confirmation of the irrigation types LEEDv4 would consider 'temporary' for the initial plant establishment period. I presume teams must be getting private insight from their assigned LEED coaches, but posting here as this clarity would benefit many Project teams.

I have not located any clarity in the v4 Ref Guide, issued addenda, formal posted interpretations, informal LEED User forum or even within LEEDv4.1 revisions.

The LEEDv3 precedent had been that "underground" piped irrigation systems were generally considered permanent, warranting more "surface" solutions for the temporary plant establishment phase following construction/initial landscape installation (such as surface laid soaker hoses, drip systems and/or "hand watering" including hose bib connected 'low tech' oscillating sprinkler units). Occasionally a case could be made for underground piped systems if they were clearly designed for disconnection (i.e. "decommissioning"), etc.

Very interested to hear what feedback others have received from LEED coaches / formal LEED reviews to date - Thanks!