Hi everyone!

We have recently received the design final review and are preparing the construction submittal for a v2009 Core and Shell project. On the design final review, WEp1 has been awarded but our reviewer made some notes on the review inform due to some errors on the calculator such as the percentage of fixture usage and some inconsistency between the occupancy number used and the one in the Plf3. 

We have checked the documentation uploaded and corrected those mistakes but the prerequiste has already been awarded though. We are not sure if we may change the "awarded" status to "open to update" to upload the correct documentation. A pop-up window appears that says that the credit should be re-submit for revision (if it is opened). Will the reviewer revise this prerequisite once we make the construction submittal? Does this procedure have any extra price? Is it an option to leave the prerequisite as it is, since it has already been awarded?

Any further advice will be appreciated!

Thank you for your answer!