We are writing to you because we registered a project like one single building, however the project does not comply with the USGBC definition of ‘one single building’ or LEED interpretation 10203, but the project works programmatically as a single building. We already registered the project as a ‘’one single building’’ but we would like to ensure we can submit the project in a single building application or if we should to apply for a new registration of each building.

The following is a narrative summary of the reasons because we considered the project as a one single building:

The project consists in 4 buildings that are all connected through bridges. All buildings are going to be built at the same time and all buildings are part of the same LEED boundary and will comply with the same LEED requirements. The project will have the same main entrance and address, the project will have just only one water and energy meter for all buildings.

Building A is 9905 sf, building B is 33364 sf, building C is 1399 sf, building D is 430 SF and the LEED Boundary is 45099.1 SF.

Anyone has a similar experience? Do you think the project would classify as a one single building?