I provided our primary LEED review with all of the following individually as each has its own upload to meet the intent of the credit but am being requested for an O+M table of contents for Fundamental commissioning?

Review Comment

The required operations and maintenance (O&M) plan table of contents has not been provided. 

Provide the  O&M plan table of contents that includes all the items indicated in the LEED ID+C v4 Reference Guide.

Would I just need to put the following in a Table of contents and combine as 1 document?

a sequence of operations for the building;

the building occupancy schedule;

equipment run-time schedules;

setpoints for all HVAC equipment;

set lighting levels throughout the building;

minimum outside air requirements;

any changes in schedules or setpoints for different seasons, days of the week, and times of day;

a systems narrative describing the mechanical and electrical systems and equipment;

a preventive maintenance plan for building equipment described in the systems narrative; and

a commissioning program that includes periodic commissioning requirements, ongoing commissioning tasks, and

continuous tasks for critical facilities.

Am I missing something else that should be included?

Thank You!