I received some technical advice on my project regarding the occupancy. I have a mixed-use building. Primarily office spaces with a tenant fit out cafe and restaurant. I figured out the hard part of this and used CS standards to determine the expected transient for those spaces. However, I assumed no transient visitors to the offices spaces, as per the guidelines in CS, and therein lines the problem.
"Transient occupants in addition to retail customers have not been included in the form. Based on the primary use of the project, transient visitors to the project space would be common," as said by the reviewer. I'm not sure that I agree, I've always understand that offices spaces do not need to account for transients like other spaces. Am I incorrect?

My only logical explanation is that there's a space labeled as classroom that's a part of the general office space, but that's intended for the already accounted for FTE. Anyone have a similar problem?