I have a possible case with a office building that also contains a large Data Center. The data center is only 2 % of the square meters, but accounts for about 85 % of the preliminary assumed energy consumption. I does not make much sense to me to optimize the building, when there is such a large energy consumption in the datacenter. We will try to lower the energy consumption as much as possible on both data center and on the building, but I have a few questions that I hope you could help me with

1) What constitutes a baseline datacenter? How do I estimate how much is possible to save on the datacenter?
2) Is it possible to divide the project into two LEED projects; one for the building and one for the datacenter? It would make more sense to me if we optimized the individually. They are located within the same building envelope (datacenter is placed on the groundfloor of an larger officebuilding).

Kind regards
Niels Varming