Our facility was constructed in the center of 96 acres of asphalt. The area had been asphalt for well over 20 years before this. From 1880-1980 the land had been farmed.

The boundary of our project is the single building within the 96 acres of asphalt. (The dirt removed to pour the foundations has been relocated on the property and turned into a new green space. However this is well outside the project boundary.)

We are managing rain water run off into 2 bioswales that total 115 acres in size and feed into a local creek.

My roof has a SRI of 90 and has pipes, valves and equipment on it.

The area around our project is truck parking.

Looking at the Site Inventory
1. No regional habitat corridors (forest or otherwise)
2. No historical wildlife corridors
3. No sensitive species on or near the site

1. There is a creek about 1/2 mile away
2. No historical waterway on site
3. Only source of water entering the site is rain water. (there is no irrigation)
4. Water leaving the site is storm water that travels into the bioswales and then to the creek via a half mile pipe under a residential area.

1. Soil is just general clay soil high in silt
2. NA - site before hand was not intact ecosystem
3. NA - site was not undisturbed for over 100 years.

There is no plans on tearing down a 1.8 million square foot distribution center. So there is no way to turn any more of this land into a green space or other space that would satisfy this credit.

Other than planting small pots outside with flowers (which I doubt would satisfy this credit)... is there anyway we can satisfy this credit?