I am currently working on a LEED NCv2009 project which includes a small building ~1,150sf, and has 200sf of regularly occupied space. The remainder of the building is restroom and storage area. The entire building is naturally ventilated with permanent louvers (always open) located at the top of each wall all the way around the building. The regularly occupied area also complies with natural ventilation requirements of ASHRAE 62.1 via appropriately sized operable windows and the building is located within a block of the ocean in a temperate climate. We are running into difficulty achieving the 10% minimum energy cost savings required for EAp2 as there is little energy usage, aside from process, in the building without an HVAC system. We basically have interior and exterior lighting (façade and site), a hot water heater and receptacle. We are using EnergyPro and T-24.
1) Since there is no heating or cooling, we do not have to model either. Correct? It is my understanding that if there was heating we would have to also model cooling or vice versa, however if the building is not conditioned we do not have to model either.
2) Do we have to provide any information for unmet heating and cooling hrs if we are not claiming savings for natural ventilation?
3) Any other general suggestions for modeling this scenario to achieve the requirements of EAp2??