Model Cooling as required in both design and baseline cases.
Cooling Set Point for design case is -50°C (there is no cooling planned)
Q1: Cooling Set Point for baseline case?

Heating...heating is planned.
Heating Set Point for design case is 21°C.
Q2: Heating Set Point for baseline case is ...?

Q3: We have a System 3 type. Baseline: What should the Hot Water Supply and/or return temperatures be or is this irrelevant because the system capacities are autosized to meet the design day loads?

Q4: We have a radiant floor heating system in the design. I understand that the same system is then used in the baseline...correct?

Q5: We have a naturally ventilated (very small) facility without mechanical ventilation. Windows are normally open but modulate closed depending on outdoor temperature. All this means for the baseline model is that the windows may be open but mechanical ventilation is still this correct?