Good question, but I think you'll find that this approach is not accepted by USGBC/GBCI.

Projects frequently want to use a new technology to earn IDc1, whether it be BIM, or an innovative mechanical system, or something else. But USGBC has consistently stated that if you use a new technology or method to achieve a result that is already covered by a regular LEED credit, you cannot also earn ID points.

For example, an innovative mechanical system that contributes to EAc1 cannot earn you points under IDc1.

However, if you use BIM to realize environmental benefits that are innovative in nature and not covered under an existing LEED credit (or if you use BIM to pursue a LEED credit from a different rating system, such as LEED for Schools), then you may be eligible for a point.

USGBC/GBCI are the final authorities here, but I am pretty sure that is their approach.