We are doing Energy Simulation for Sports Hall Project (G+1 Story building). Sports hall having single playing court and it will be used for various sports activities. Sometimes, it will used for playing Badminton. Sometimes for Basket ball. Further, the sports hall has closed and surrounded with seating areas, camera/media rooms and other admin offices.

Areas: Sports Hall - 80% of total buildup area, Rest of the areas (Seating, office etc) - Rest 20%.

Our Queries:
1. In Base case, we considered 1.4 W per Sq.ft for Indoor playing Field Area. Is it right?
2. The proposed LPD for Sports hall is 3.75 W/sq.ft. So we are not meeting the Minimum Energy
In this case, Whether we can get exception for this space (i.e sports hall) alone.
3. For getting exception, what are the design strategies need to be informed to client?

FYI - They (client) are not ready to reduce the LPD by reducing the no of lights or changing the wattage.

Please Help with ideas/solution.