Hi LEED experts, my project is a warehouse, they use natural ventilation through a double side louver. However, the distance between louvers is > 5 times of Ceiling height, which doesn't comply with ASHRAE 62.1. The owner refuses to install supply fans, and exhaust fans behind the louvers. So we have to run CFD simulation. However, I don't know what kind of result from CFD we need to show LEED for compliances. ASHRAE 62.1 and CIBSE AM10 don't mention the minimum airflow rate in the natural ventilation. The local regulation just mentions the air exchange rate per hour. So I'm wondering can I use ASHRAE 62.1, section 6.2 to calculate the Minimum airflow rate, then prove in the CFD model the airflow complies with section 6.2. Or the other option is we use the local regulation and prove in CFD that the model has enough air exchange rate per hour. Thanks for your advice.