Dear All,

We are working on residential building in Istanbul/Turkey. The building is heated and cooled by radiators and split AC respectively. Residential units are not include any fan for outdoor air supply. All residential units are natural ventilated.

We got following comment after design final submission :

"IEQp1: Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance indicates that natural ventilation is designed for residential spaces. However, it is unclear whether the heating and cooling loads associated with ventilating the building have been accounted for in the energy analysis. It is unclear if the residential fans serving the dwelling units are currently modeled as cycling on to meet the loads when there is a call for heating and cooling. Most simulation software models zero ventilation when the fans are cycled off. Therefore, if the fans are modeled as cycling to meet the loads, the Baseline and Proposed Case energy model should be revised to account for the anticipated ventilation loads anticipated when the fans are cycled off. (e.g. infiltration should be increased equally in both cases to assume that a certain portion of the windows are open to meet ventilation loads). If the HVAC system serving residential spaces are accounted for when the fans cycle off. Provide sample inputs for the Baseline and Proposed Case dokumentating how the ventilation was accounted for, and confirming that the ventilation and infiltration have been modeled identically in the Baseline and Proposed Case models."

We did not understand reviewers comment about fans. Because, our natural ventilated dwelling units are not include any supply outdoor air fan. Is there something we do not understand?

We are planning to do folllowing:

We will add same infiltration rate all day long on both Baseline and Propsod Case amount of ASHRAE 62.1-2007 Minimum Outdoor Air Requirements.

Is our plan proper? Will our submission be accepted? I wonder your commets.

Best Regards
Sefa Sahin