We are now doing a school dormitory project. The owner do not intend to design mechanical ventialtion system (with piping system) for the corridors. The corridors connects occupiable spaces such as bedrooms and activity rooms. The natural ventilation strategy of corridors are cross ventilation with double side opening. However, the distance of each corridor from the operable openings is  30m which is more than 5H ( where H is the ceiling height). By the way, the whole building are not going to design the mechanical ventialtion system as all of regular occupied rooms (bedrooms) have enough opening size to satisfy the IAQ performance. My question is:

1. Instead of designing mechanical ventilation system with piping system, can we only exhaust fan above the two openings to satisfy the minimum indoor air quality performance for corridorwhose distance from the operable openings is more than 5H ? 

2. If yes, how to detemine the exhaust fan power ? What is the minimun ventialtion rate ? Which standard or guideline can I use ?

3. If not, what other stategties can I use to satisty this prerequisite ?

4. Or can I just regard the corridor as unoccupiable areas and do not consider its IAQ performance ?