Dear Marcus.....


In one of our project , we have CHP which fall under Case 1 as given in LEED Guide, CHP under Same Ownership..We have 2 nos of 500 KW Gas Generator which supplies exhaust heat to VAM Chiller [exhaust driven]-132 TR capacity. Cooling from VAM Chiller is 100% utilized LEED project building only. The power generation from Gas Generator is untilized by LEED Project Building and another building in same campus with connected load of 900 kW and 200KW respectively.

In this scenario. LEED Project is building has 900 KW Connected Load only with average operating Load of 750 KW only. The Same is considered in Proposed Case. And the other building connected load is not included in Energy Simulation as it is non LEED scope Building. WIth This the LEED project building CHP supplies power to other building. is it acceptable by LEED?

Can we Proceed Energy Simulation excluding the power generated for the Non LEED Building????

Thanks in Advance