We were trying to pursue this credit by developing and implementing a M&V plan following option C from the IPMVP, but after reading some comments, it seems that this path was removed.
I can not follow option B, since most EEM interact among each other, therefore, they may not be isolated.
The only path left would be option D, but we don't have energy simulation results to compare with. The owners currently operate in a slightly smaller building, and they are now moving across the street to a larger complex, renovating lighting, HVAC, refrigeration equipment, etc; and pursing the LEED CI certification. Could we consider their previous energy usage as the baseline case, making the proper adjustment for the increase in sf? Then, after one year of energy usage data during operation, they may compare themselves to their previous usage and evaluate additional improvements on a month to month basis.
This guys are high energy users, and they want to know exactly how much each end use consumes to evaluate their performance and continuously improve; it seems unreasonable that there is no path for this case without the energy model.
Any thoughts?
Thank you very much, I appreciate the help.