We are currently working on a school project that includes four additions to be constructed over several phases. The school would like to seek LEED certification for one of the four additions. The first floor of this addition will serve as the new cafeteria. The second and third floors are classroom spaces. The 3-story addition is oriented perpendicular to two existing, 2-story wings. The existing wings will be the connection points at either end of the addition (basically forming a U-shape). The first and second floor corridors of the existing wings will tie into the corridors of the addition, essentially continuing the circulation. There will be double doors at each of the two existing wing connecting points. 

Question #1: Is a LEED boundary that includes only one of the four additions acceptable? If so, what other elements do we need to be concerned with besides separate metering to make sure we are compliant with MPR2?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Stephen Sgro, AIA LEED AP BD+C