What happens, hypothetically, when a EAc1 or EAc2 point calculation changes between the time a design credit is marked "anticipated" by the reviewer and the time final construction phase reporting is completed? Let's say EAc1 in the design phase was marked at 5 points, and marked by the reviewer as "anticipated," but the energy model was reviewed and the documentation uploaded that demonstrates an increase (or decrease) of 2 points. Doesn't this necessitate a third review for validation? Or is the project locked in to the original "anticipated" amount? Is an appeal necessary to bump the points up/down?

Or maybe the client is able to invest more in a pv system that bumps the EAc2 points from 1 to 3. But that decision isn't made until the last minute, and is made to push the project up over the platinum threshold. If EAc2 was anticipated in design phase at 1 point, but the project ends up providing enough pv to earn 3 points, how is that adjustment accommodated? Thanks!