I'm LEED AP but don't have experience for LEED certifications. This is my first time.
I'm working on LEED certification for US army project.
The project consists of 4 buildings : two offices bldg & two storages.

I wonder this project can certify a group of new buildings as a package and be rated as a package and only one rating received.

Accroding to LEED NC Application Guide for Multiple Buildings and On Campus Building Projects(AGMBC, 2005), EQ credit require every building must meet credit requirement independently.

Storages are considered FTE is less than 1, so I think they are not needed to earn EQ credit. But I think the other credit categories(EA, MR..etc.) can be applied to them.

Is it possible to register project grouping all buildings above? or make a group only two office buildings?

This project is applied LEED ver 2.2, not ver.3 and doesn't register at leedonline. US army want LEED ver 2.2, because US army(not GBCI) evaluate this with ver 2.2 directly.

I heard about there is no MPR(Minimum Program Requirement) in ver2.2. So I don't know how to grouped these buildings.

Any comments would be appriciated.