We have a large scale international project, consists of five attached building blocks (A-B-B1-B2-C) that share 7 basement and 7 ground up floors but each have different amount of total floor level. These four blocks have mostly office and retail functions.
The owner of the project would be established in the C block, which is roughly 40% of the total project area and would lease 60% (A-B-B1-B2 blocks).
The management of the project building is not defined yet. C and A-B-B1-B2 blocks systems are designed separately, including HVAC. Energy and water usage would be metered separately for C and A-B-B1-B2 blocks as well. All blocks have separate entrances and in terms of circulation, A-B-B1 have connecting corridors, emergency exits connect A-B-B1 with C block and B2 block has completely separate circulation, apart from the ground below levels (parking).
All the block would be constructed as one building at the same time.

We would to like treat these attached 5 blocks as one building and would like certify under LEED CS rating system. Is this possible or should we separate C block as LEED NC and A-B-B1-B2 block as a LEED CS building? Since these buildings are attached is it not possible to use Campus or Group Approach?