Hi All - we have a military base project in which the main building was planned from the beginning as a LEED project. Other buildings on this site are storage buildings & truck wash canopies. Now, since we do not want to gerrymander the site (cutting the storage buildings and canopies out but keeping the site intact) we thought maybe we should switch over to a group project. I have a couple of questions:

How do we address structures such as canopies - do they have to be treated as buildings, or are they considered hardscape, or???

In the AGMBC guide it says that buildings on a group project must be substantially similar. Since our main building consists of office spaces / mechanical shop spaces / etc. The storage buildings cannot really be considered as substantially similar. Does this disqualify this project as a multiple building project?

Any suggestions on whether this project should be mulit-building or whether the main building and site can be considered a single LEEd project, when the other buildings are situated on various portions of the site?

Any help would be appreciated - Thanks!