I have 2 issues with this prerequisite:

1) I understand that the policy should comply with some credit requirements, incuding MRc7 "Solid waste Management - Ongoing consummables", that requires to "Maintain a waste reduction and recycling program that addresses (...) food waste". Following a discussion with the LEED Reviewer, I undestand that the prequisite does not imply an actual performance, not even actual food waste management program. So if we there is no food waste management program, what should we write in the policy to be compliant with LEED?

2) For our project, we have two vertically attached buildings. Only one is pursuing LEED. But waste from the 2 buildings are disposed in the same place / compactors. The policy requires to implement a performance evaluation process. As alll waste from the 2 buildings are disposed in the same place, it's little bit complicated.. An annual waste characterisation could be a solution but we would like to avoid theses charges if it is not strictly required. What would be acceptable in this case for the evaluation process?

I know that implementation of the policy does not need to be demonstrated but we prefer to avoid writing things that will not be implemented..

Thanks for your help