We have encountered several difficulties performing energy simulations with VRF / VRV systems. It seems that both eQUEST and Energy Plus do not have the possibility to simulate such systems. Software developers resort to some tricks to try to emulate the functionality of the systems, with the uncertainty of being objected during the project review by GBCI. We have also asked the main providers (Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba) but up to now they were not able to account for a clear method of uploading efficiencies into simulation software- even though that we know that they can perform well in real life. Although the USGBC released an "Advanced Energy Modelling Technical Manual", the subject is scarcely addressed. We have searched both LEEDUser and CIR database but, save for a couple of articles just mentioning the issue, we have not found a clear way of simulating these systems. I wonder if someone in this community has also faced this issue and the way the solved it. Thank you!