We are working on the energy modeling for Industrial Manufacturing facility in which some places can be classified as “Semi heated spaces” as per ASHRAE 90.1 2007 definition. These semi heated spaces in our facility cater to some Industrial operations and are not exactly circulation service spaces like staircases, corridors etc. Also, there is a top-vent MH unit that is used to ventilate and heat the semi heated space. The unit heats fresh air in the heating coil and blows it into the room through a air –injector.

We would like to request some clarity on how to model this space in the baseline.

Our Initial understanding on this is that a "semi-heated" space is not a "conditioned space" per ASHRAE 90.1. Is it acceptable to model the space as unconditioned in the baseline and proposed models, and capture the semi-heating as neutral process energy? Or is there an alternative?