Hi Everyone, I am working on a 10,000 sqft tenant fit out LEED project, the building is close to 250,000 sqft building with 5 stories. Now the building has a DOAS system and we are going to have fan coil units for our space, Now based on the reference guide I have made some interpretation , can you clarify if they are right?

1. Proposed HVAC system should be model based on the actual system that we have for the entire building not for our individual space, COP of the system should match what we have at central level?

2. Baseline system should be selected based on the 250,000 sqft of total space and not our tenant space which is 10,000 sqft.

3. Baseline envelope should be based on 90.1-2010 Code not appendix G because of exception Table G3.1(5)?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Rajat Wadhwa