Hi.  I have a question about minor improvements within the water body body buffer.  It says "grade changes necessary to ensure public access."  We have a small First Order stream segment between our project site and the main access road.  The language implies that public access to the site would be allowed across the stream.  (2) access points are currently planned.  I would assume this will require 2 bridges.  We have planned to move the building back to avoid development outside of the 100' clearance required for the stream.  But I will not be able to convince the owner to build a 200' span bridge.  

Is it correct to assume we would be allowed to install (2) access points across the streams?  If yes, what would a reasonable span for a bridge be to cross the stream?  The exact width of the stream bed is not known at this time, but does not appear very wide.  For the sake of this question, lets assume it is 10' wide maximum.

I am looking forward to your reply.