""It appears that the Ventilation Rate Procedure (VRP) calculations may not have been performed for the worst-case conditions, as it is not clear if the cooling condition calculations analyze the lowest supply airflow rate that can reasonably be expected to occur when each space is fully occupied. This lowest supply flow condition when occupied is anticipated to be the worst-case ventilation condition. For interior zones in cooling mode, this flowrate is expected to be somewhere in between the minimum

flow setting and the design cooling flowrate.

Provide revised calculations that address the worst-case condition or provide information to justify the parameters used.""

I have recently received a comment from assessor and have revised the enclosure to show that each space is fully occupied during calculation, however, do i still need to revise the flow rate? The flow rate i have used in calculator is already based on equipment schedule (design flow rate) and i have no idea how to find the lowest supply airflow rate.