Good morning, we have a building in process of LEED BD + C Warehouse ... It is a building made up of a part of offices and a part of a warehouse with an industrial process. The office cover is 2000 m2 while that warehouse 13.000 m2.

The question is about the compliance of ASHRAE 90.1 tables 5.5  for the mininum energia perfomance credits.

In climatic zone 4, for a Sandwidch Panel Roof, the tables requires  a 0,210 W/m2 K for a for non-residential spaces and 0,466 w/m2 k for semiheated ones.

In the office building the project already considers a roof less than 0.210 W / m2K since the spaces are cooled and heated.

But the warehouse is not cooled or heated, only adjusted some degrees in winter and summer. 

We understand that it is a semiheated or unconditioned space  and we can project a cover between 0.34-0.41W / m2k that would fulfill the minimum requirement.

If we justify that the space has a sensible cooling load  less than 15W / m2 and a heating load less than 45 W / m2, is it considered an unconditioned space?

And If the heating load is between 10 and 45 W / m2 is it semiheated? 

And would we have a limit of 0.466 on the cover?

If it is less than 10W / m2 is it not conditioned? What requirement would the cover and walls have?

Is the same for the v4 and the v4.1?