What is the absolute minimum installed sign-age that complies with this prerequisite?

The project I am working on is a high-rise office building that, based on entranceways, is limited to 3 small (7ft wide, 10ft wide, and 15 ft wide) outdoor smoking areas. Considering that the one space is as small as 7 feet, it would look rather strange to have two large signs 5 feet next to each other. We are trying to limit the complaints from 90% glass exterior retail outlets that preside on a majority of the first floor.

In a minimalist example, I was wondering if I could place a 5 inch diameter image on the outer limit of each smoking zone and have an arrow pointing away from the center of each zone. Then maybe throw in a 5 inch diameter smoking sign right in the middle of the each zone. We are also looking into laser etching the appropriate documentation on the glass that surrounds the majority of the 1st floor of this building.

Would the above example comply with LEED requirements, or are we going to have to write out 'This is a designated smoking area' or 'no smoking within 25 feet of the door'?

I couldnt find any restrictions within the reference guide or leedonline, so I was reaching out to see if anyone had any first hand experience or references.

Thanks so much.